Francois Huyghe

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  • ReactJS
  • Class Components
  • Redux
  • MongoDB

artcritical List


A tool to visualize all art exhibitions and openings happening in the New York city area.

Artcritical publishes one of the most comprehensive art opening guides in NYC. I developed a tool for their website to list, customize and map out all of the art events happening in the city.

Previously, the long list of openings were compiled into a long, text-only email newsletter that felt exclusive for art insiders. Now, the new list tool organizes images and event details into a calendar, by neighborhood, and in a map making information accessible and user friendly to a larger audience.

The list tool allows users to sign up for an account and select events to create a personalized program of events. This list can be emailed or shared as a public link, allowing users to curate their own art viewing journey. A personal list URL includes a map populated with selected events, making it easy to navigate in real time.

*Due to the pandemic which forced all galleries to close, the list app is no longer active.

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